Monthly Link-O-Rama: Sixth Edition

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Well hey folks, you remember the Link-O-Rama right?

It’s been a while, so here’s a refresher on the spiel:

Every month, I’ll share my favorite reads from around the web. These articles will be perfect for fellow millennials seeking financial independence. Most will revolve around investingsaving money, and early retirement, however, I do reserve the right to occasionally throw in a completely random but entertaining read.

This guy went to prison and all he got was a crazy story and $250,000

It’s not every day you get money advice from an ex-con, but Billy B. from submitted an awesome guest post about how spending 10 years in prison sent him towards a surprising path of wealth. In just 5 years out of prison he’s amassed $250,000. And what’s our excuse again?

The average savings rates around the world

The average savings rate in America is a paltry 3.5%. So yeah, Americans spend a metric shi load of money, but Mustard Seed Money asks the question we’re all curious to hear. How does the miniscule American savings rate stack up to the rest of the world?

Crazy money stat of the week: the average savings rate in China is 47%!

Yeah, why are ethnic grocery stores so cheap?

My Money Blog shares 7 of the same letters as this website name. He also shared a great investigative piece published in the Wall Street Journal exploring just why those ethnic grocery stores are so cheap.

I’ve wondered this myself. There’s an Asian market near me that routinely serves up veggies at ¼ the price of even the cheapest big box stores. Note to self: start shopping there more.

The most affordable phones for less than $500

I hate how expensive cell phones have become. Apparently, Mr. Tako does too! But instead of just complaining about it like I do, he’s put together a list of the most affordable unlocked phones for less than $500, plus a ton of other tips for saving money on these beautifully designed money pits.

Time Management, the most important skill ever?

I’m working on a theory that the biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their ability to stay efficient with their time. Grant over at wrote a great article about time management that’s definitely worth your time. *Boo-ya!*

6 ways your bank is ripping you off

I’m all about eliminating your no-fun spending, and spending on bank fees is about as no-fun as it gets. Check out this article about ways your bank might be ripping you off. At the risk of sounding like one of those terrible Facebook clickbait links, ignore #6… no sane human should ever pay any credit card interest anyway.

The cheapest time to buy holiday flights, and when it’s too late

If you’re looking to book holiday travel, the travel site reports that this week has the best deals on flights. Their analysis shows that booking now can save up to 27% on Thanksgiving flights and 38% on Christmas flights.

And on that note, I’m off to book some Christmas flights!

See you all in a few days for the September Net Worth Update. We’re flirting with a pretty big net worth milestone, we’ll have to see if I make it!

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